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  1. wholesale tag for jewelry Simple mode:
    from hashlib import md5
    DEF md5_file (name):
    m = md5 () na_file = open (name, RB) needs to read file content with binary format
    m.update (a_file.read ())
    a_file.close ()
    return m.hexdigest ()
    if __main__ =_init __: nprint md5_file (d: /test.txt)
    The method of large files faster
    #encoding = UTF-8
    import IO
    import sys
    import hashlib r
    import string
    DEF ():
    print (usage: [python] pymd5sum.py)
    DEF Main ():
    if (sys.argv .__ len __ () == 2):
    #Print (sys.argv [1])
    m = hashlib.md5 ()
    File = io.fileio (sys.argv [1], R)
    bytes = file.read ( 1024)
    While (bytes! = B):
    m.update (bytes)
    bytes = file.read (1024)
    file.close () n#md5value = "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""
    md5value = m.hexdigest ()
    print (md5value "" sys.argv [1])
    #Dest = IO.Fileio (sys.argv [1] ". Checksum.md5" " , W)
    #Dest.write (md5value)
    #Dest.close ()
    () nmain ()

  2. wholesale jewelry trade shows 2022 There may be two forms of Python encryption. One is to protect the EXE converted by Python, and the other is to directly protect the .py or .pyc files. The following two forms of protection processes will be listed.
    1. Add the shell to Python to EXE
    download the latest version of VirboxProtector shelling tool, use the shell adding tool to directly add the shell to the shell. n The first step, use the shelling tool to add the python.exe to the python installation directory, drag python.exe into the shelling tool, and click the shell after configuration.
    The second step, encrypt the .py/.pyc and protect the .py/.pyc.
    Safety technology:
    L virtual machine shell: the shell protection tool of elite 5, innovatively introduced pre -analysis and automatic optimization engines, effectively solving the safety and performance balance problem of virtualization protection code Essence
    L fragmentation code execution: Use the code extraction technology in its own mature shell, extract a large number of codes, and implement it in a secure environment after encryption. Large -scale transplantation guarantees higher safety.
    lvirbox encrypted compilation engine: The security functions such as compile and confusion are in one body. Because intervention in the compilation stage, the optimized space is unpredictable that the virtualization technology cannot be comparable, and the degree of confusion of code and variables has also been fundamentally improved.
    L anti -black engine: built -in R0 core anti -black engine, which is based on the (anti -black database) counter -control method based on hackers' characteristics. Precisely crack down on hackers such as debugging, injection, memory modification, from passive to active protection.
    Thising effect:
    This before encryption
    The packaging method of pyinstall as an example, use the .py file to compile log_322.exe. Pyc files are generated.
    In successful after success, a folder will be generated in the same directory
    In 010 editor to add a few bytes, renamed PYC files
    Note [here is related to the version of Python, Python27 can be possible Directly decompress it to pyc file, Python34 also needs to add a few bytes]
    and then use tools to compile PYC
    After success, the DIS file will be generated in the directory. , See the source code
    The source code of the log_322.exe after the counter -compilation
    after encryption:
    [Note: different packaging methods are different, and the location of the source code is different. The module is also different]
    The trial decompression LOG322.exe fails after encryption, it is no longer possible to compile, and the conventional anti -compilation tool cannot be analyzed.

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