kentucky jewelry wholesale Why do virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have been repeatedly suppressed but have not died and will continue to survive?

kentucky jewelry wholesale

1 thought on “kentucky jewelry wholesale Why do virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have been repeatedly suppressed but have not died and will continue to survive?”

  1. wholesale gold jewelry manufacturers india First of all, the existence of the famous quotes of the philosopher Hegel starts with reasonableness. At the same time, the law of causality is used to discuss things. Everything in the world cannot be separated from causality. Since the birth of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, it has been repeatedly suppressed but failed to die. Why?

    1, the legal currency worldwide, especially after the dollar and gold are fishing, the legal banknotes can be overwhelmed at will. The wool, the more intense the inflation is, people also lose confidence in the US dollar. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin can be a currency that can resist inflation (also called virtual commodities), and they have the foundation and soil.

    2, over time, the production and transactions of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin have formed an industrial chain. There are many practitioners in this industrial chain. No one wants to die in this industry. The platform wants to continue to obtain management fees through transactions. The agency makes a profit through transactions. The profitables want to continue their profits. The monarch does not see it. For more than ten years, the mainstream virtual currency such as Bitcoin, no matter how to suppress it, it can not fall to zero. Why? It is because people are unwilling to let her fall to zero, because it has fallen to zero. Even if someone gets short -term benefits, it will affect people's long -term interests. It is very important, so it is clear at a glance. Will rise up and oscillate, isn't it? (Don't believe in the price and indicator after the plunge 19).

    3, the trading characteristics of virtual currencies, there are no dozen restrictions, no restrictions on the rise and fall, and can buy up and buy and fall, which meets the gambling nature of people's bones (psychological needs) Essence

    4, virtual currency has formed its own financial system, and the currency standards have been formed inside.

    5, Bitcoin and other virtual coins are global coins. Can it be blocked unless the world is blocked together? The reality is that many countries are unknown, and Russia and Japan are also determined to be legal. Can virtual currency be destroyed?

    The history is not simple duplication, but it is extremely similar. Virtual coins such as Bitcoin will continue her personality and fate, which is why I give the answer that she will continue to survive.

    This above is only a personal point of view.

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