wholesale father's day silver jewelry Is GEC real -name authentication risky?

wholesale father's day silver jewelry

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  1. silver jewelry wholesale in bali 2017 Legal analysis: 1 The sale information now is 50 pieces of illegal laws. 2. GEC is a regular large platform, big data exchange, monthly trading currency converts hundreds of millions of yuan, data security is the most basic content. In the age of sharing this information, it is not possible to keep everything confidential. When the GEC platform requires members to make real -name certification, I write GEC certification stripes on the documents. You can't write it. So don't worry about this issue.
    Legal basis: "Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services"
    It Internet information services are divided into two categories: operating and non -operating. Article 4 specifically pointed out that the state implements a license system for operating Internet information services; and a record system for non -operating Internet information services. According to this regulation, operating Internet information services will implement a strict license system. If these business operators want to obtain permission, they will naturally submit real companies or personal information to the license review authority.
    It 8 engaged in non -operating Internet information services shall go through the filing procedures for telecommunications management agencies of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities or municipalities, or the competent information industry department of the State Council. When applying for filing, the following materials shall be submitted: (1) the basic situation of the organizer and the person in charge of the website; (2) the website website and service items; The agency document of the department.

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