Door model is smaller, what to decorate skill

Some young people are under great economic pressure, so when buying a house, they will choose some small families, but the decoration of small families may have some limitations, and owners will also worry about this problem. Today xiaobian will introduce you to the decoration skills of small family.

One, 88 square meters of small decoration design skills

1. Tonal analysis of porch entrance. After the line of golden yellow joins white, increased the characteristic of brightness, produced the whole effect of dazzling all the more, small make up has the home of a friend to decorate like this namely, the effect after installation just explods good.

2, skillfully use mirrors as walls, dining room background and ceiling are black mirror, so that you can expand the space, increase the sense of space, so that small apartments can reflect the general aura of the building.

3. Use cool colors to control the overall layout. Gray is the passive colour in colour, be affected by colour bigger. With a sense of calm, is the quiet color in the vision, with a strong harmonic contrast effect. Although gray has no desire to stimulate and dominate, it is full of practical feelings.

4. Individual wooden stairs can make home decoration bright, save space, and make the whole more prominent.

5. Use warm, bright colors for living rooms and bedrooms. When the sun shone in, it seemed to see spring.

Door model is smaller, what to decorate skill

6, minimalism contains visual impact, simple white and deep black, this contrast color brings strong visual impact and modern urban atmosphere.

Two, 88 square meters of small decoration design points

1. The bedroom must pay attention to privacy, so that the family finances can be better promoted and the feelings between husband and wife can be better harmonious. For the bedroom decoration must pay attention to privacy, so can achieve good lighting effect, usually also need to pay attention to the whole space of the bedroom has good privacy, so you can use a screen curtain window, bedroom door is not directly and the door is in the right position.

2, when decorating, do not use too intense colour, in the sitting room decorate a design don't use too intense colour, so it is easy to cause our visual perception to suffer some messy situation, over time, can cause our mood is very irritated, and temper also become particularly irritable, family ties will not only affected by some couples will damage, So personal wealth will also be lost.

3, bathroom waterproof is also the key link in the decoration. The general approach is to plug the floor drain, put more than 5 cm of water, test the water, if the water leaks, be sure to do waterproof; If there is no water leakage, you must carefully lay the ground in the construction, shall not destroy the waterproof layer, replace the upper and lower heating system. When deciding the position of toilet floor drain, must have thought first, measure good size. Floor drain should be located on one side of brick. If located in the middle of the brick, regardless of the tilt of the brick, the floor drain will not be low.

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