The new Chinese style creates a comfortable and simple multi-functional living space

The new Chinese style combines the elegance of Chinese style with modern delicacy in the exquisite use of materials and the elaborate design of layout to meet the modern aesthetic needs and real emotional experience, create a comfortable and simple multi-functional living space, and fill the home with a sense of fashion and light luxury atmosphere.

The living room uses black and white tone, the clever combination of wide French window and soft natural light, so that the space presents a calm artistic conception and rich hierarchy style.

The wall-to-top ink decorative murals, ink tie-dyed cloth carpets and marble floors full of natural luster create a rugged sense of nature, simplicity and atmosphere.

The new Chinese style creates a comfortable and simple multi-functional living space

The use of solid wood material fully reflects the charm value of the space, and the leather cushion full of texture makes the room not drab. Embroidered with lotus flowers, green bamboo and rolling mountains, cotton and linen pillow, very Chinese flavor, let the artistic tension has a flowing beauty.

Bedroom setting wall uses the Chinese style mural of inwrought line of gilt gold, with the luxury of classic charm that the delicate figure of high posture emphasizes, the model that makes traditional Chinese style mainstream aesthetic gets perfect show.

The floor texture of solid wood material is natural and exquisite, accentuating the natural aesthetic feeling of the space, and fully showing the comfortable living concept of modern people.

The modelling of the colour that soft outfit matches and furniture to the utmost trend is brief, pure however smooth solid is tonal, what give fully from the picture is quiet, soft changed a space, it is the bedroom with the most comfortable morpheus and have a rest.

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