Decorate a process to come by this quasi right!

A lot of owners for the decoration of this matter are quite tangled, also do not know how the specific process of decoration is. Therefore, before decoration, be sure to understand the relevant knowledge of decoration, understand the specific process steps of decoration, can help owners more quickly familiar with the decoration focus. So, to see what the old driver for you to formulate the decoration process is like.

Construction team and decoration materials enter the site

Decoration companies and owners need to prepare relevant documents and copies, for admission procedures, admission procedures are completed, the decoration team can be officially admitted. Auxiliary materials and part of the main materials of the decoration also need to be admitted during this period of time. After admission, the owner, foreman and supervision need to be present at the same time to carry out acceptance inspection on the materials.

If it works

The purpose of the demolition and renovation project is to transform the structure of the house, so that the owner's life can be more convenient and comfortable. When demolition and reform, we must pay attention to not destroy the overall structure of the house, and must not be able to remove walls or other structures without any concerns.

Water and electricity transformation

After the completion of the demolition and transformation project, the following, it is necessary to carry out the work of hydropower transformation. According to the needs of the owner, the water electrician will work out the direction of the water and circuit, and open grooves in the corresponding positions of the wall or the ground, bury the water pipes and threading pipes, and wear wires. Finally, the grooves will be repaired with gypsum or cement mortar.

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