Lampblack machine maintenance has what clever move

1. The power socket of the range hood must use a special socket with reliable ground wire.

2. Install the range hood according to the instructions. Generally, the installation height should not be lower than 650mm, and it should be installed above the stove as far as possible.

3. The range hood should be turned on for 1-2 minutes before cooking to obtain a better effect of removing lampblack;

4. Before replacing the light bulb and cleaning the range hood, pull out the plug and cut off the power;

5. When replacing the bulb, the power should not exceed the maximum value marked near the lamp holder and on the instruction manual. Otherwise, the temperature rise of the wire connecting the lamp holder and the lamp holder will be too high, and the aging of the insulation layer of the wire will be accelerated, resulting in potential danger of electric shock or even fire;

6. According to the instructions, clean the air wheel, the air duct cavity and the internal and external surface of the body of oil and scale frequently, please use neutral detergent and soft cloth when cleaning, so as to avoid damage to the surface of the shell or coating;

7. When the dirty oil in the oil cup is 80% full, discard it to avoid overflow;

8. After cooking, continue to turn on the machine for 1-2 minutes in order to completely remove residual oil fumes.

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