Should furniture be finished or customized?

When the new house is decorated, we have a lot of things are tangled, even furniture to buy finished products, or customized, are tangled, very troublesome, the furniture in the end is to buy finished products, or customized? Let's be clear about these points before we make a decision to avoid overspending your family's budget.

1, first look at the size of the house

If it is a small house, it is recommended to do custom furniture, because the width or length of a lot of small houses, it is difficult for us to buy the right finished furniture, small houses have higher requirements on the use of functions, custom furniture can be customized on demand, storage function can be better. Large family can buy finished furniture, product furniture modeling and lines more beautiful, generous.

2, look at the decoration budget

If the budget is enough, then you can consider customized furniture. Now the decoration is environmental protection. We should choose regular manufacturers and choose good plates, so the relative price will be slightly higher.

If the budget is not enough, we can choose to buy finished furniture, which is relatively cheaper than customized furniture.

3. Look at the resident population

If it is for young people, it is recommended that the owner do whole-house customization, because young people have more things and more types of goods, and the storage space of finished cabinets is limited, so the customized cabinets are more suitable for young people to use. Middle-aged and elderly people have less goods than young people, and they like spacious storage space. They can buy finished cabinets according to the actual needs of household types.

Whether finished furniture or custom furniture, there are relatively inferior substandard boards, these products we will not discuss. Only with respect to qualified goods, the environmental protection of finished furniture is superior.

If the budget is small, and you want to customize, you can also choose a combination of the two, for the wardrobe, cabinet and other space utilization requirements of the choice to use customization, and other can choose to buy finished products.

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