How to decorate the new home into the garden?

What is an in-home garden?

The entrance garden is generally located in the connection between the porch and the living room. Whether it is a low-rise household or a high-rise household, it can easily enjoy the natural landscape in its own home. It can not only enjoy the pleasure of planting by itself, but also provide natural oxygen for the new home, killing two birds with one stone. Next, we will introduce the main points of the decoration and design of the garden.

How to decorate the new home into the garden?

Key points of indoor garden decoration design:

Entrance garden is not only to beautify the role of home space, we should combine the overall entrance area to design, to ensure that the entrance passage is not crowded, keep the overall entrance garden design layout reasonable, considering the garden interior landscape design.

A lot of house gardens have wet landscape design, so we need a detailed processing into inside the garden water and electricity construction, except to waterproof construction is to design the water cycle system as far as possible, so that we can ensure wet scene inside clean and neat, also greatly reduced the difficulty of our daily cleaning cleaning, while keeping the good circulation system, It is also to avoid the later breeding of bacteria and flying insects in the landscape.

When we decorate in the household garden landscape design, also to give priority to simple atmospheric style, if we lay a lot of pebbles, late to clean up also is very troublesome, when choosing the cultivation of plants, also want to combine the selected plant habit reasonable arrangement of planting location, it is more convenient we do inside the garden plants.

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