How to design the home decoration skirting line?

Every house decoration will involve skirting line design, many friends are considering how to make the new skirting line look more beautiful and fashionable, in the end is to choose embedded skirting line design or Ming outfit skirting line design? Today, xiaobian will tell you about the design of the skirting line. If you are interested in it, let's learn about it

Play crural line design is the main role in order to protect the new home of metope and ground connection, not only effectively waterproof to bear or endure dirty, can promote the overall aesthetic of household, common play crural line design is divided into embedded and domestic outfit with these two, actually two installation ways each have advantages and disadvantages, we can according to the actual use of a new demand for reasonable planning and design.

Advantages of embedded baseboard:

The embedded skirting line is strong and wear-resistant, beautiful and atmospheric, the overall decoration effect and the wall together as a whole, with a lofty artistic atmosphere, the embedded style is not only convenient for daily household cleaning, but also special firm and safe, more common in the design of high-end mansions.

How to design the home decoration skirting line?

Disadvantages of embedded baseboard:

Embedded skirting line has high requirements for the craftsmanship of the worker's master. Because the construction process is complex, the overall installation cost is also very high. Because the skirting line is embedded inside the wall, it is very troublesome to repair it in the late period, and professional after-sales personnel are needed to repair it.

Advantages of Ming outfit skirting line:

Ming outfit skirting line is a more traditional design style, more common with small household decoration design, Ming outfit skirting line construction is convenient, the overall price is not high, the overall decoration cost is significantly lower than the embedded skirting line.

Disadvantages of Ming outfit skirting line:

Ming outfit skirting line will occupy part of our ground space, and the late easy to form a health corner problem, greatly increasing the difficulty of our daily cleaning, because Ming outfit skirting line length is limited, so it will leave an obvious connection, affecting the overall home beauty.

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