Do not have advocate lamp and have advocate lamp which kinds of good

No main lamp design is a very professional design, under the guidance of no professional lighting designer, do not blindly follow the trend of chaos. Everything should consider according to his domestic member, layer high specific case, different style should be acted the role of on the lamp choice to have different side key more. Today let's say that there is no main lamp and main lamp which good?

1. From the perspective of lighting requirements, the no-main lamp design can meet diversified lighting requirements. Have advocate lamp design is to point to indoor have a advocate illume, it is the position among ceiling commonly, install a absorb dome light or droplight to wait, power is bigger, illuminance is wider, can satisfy whole space to illume the demand of light, cannot realize local illume. Do not have advocate lamp design is to point to the advocate lamp that does not have the setting of high power in the bedroom, the tube lamp that set all sorts of small power dispersing in the end face however or shoot the light to wait, ensured integral illume demand not only, still can undertake switch setting according to different illume demand, satisfy local illume demand, more diversity on the function

2, from the decorative point of view, no main lamp design is more beautiful. There is a main lamp design space, the top only a main lamp, occasionally with a few down lamp or lamp belt, the whole looks very drab and empty, decorative effect is not strong. No advocate the lamp design, by contrast, is more advanced, canister light orderly or shoot the light scattered on the ceiling, at the same time also can match wall lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp, etc., from top to bottom, mutual combination collocation of different lamps and lanterns, from all directions of light more have administrative levels feeling, own adornment effect is very good also, senior fashion, have more sense of design.

Do not have advocate lamp and have advocate lamp which kinds of good

3. In terms of comfort, the design light source of no main lamp is softer. With regard to the main lamp and no main lamp design which is good, the advantages of no main lamp is more obvious. In the design space that has advocate lamp, advocate lamp is the lamp of high power, illuminant illuminance is tall, the light is dazzling oneness, the droplight with complex modelling drives low administrative levels up very easily on the vision, let a person feel uncomfortable. Compared to a space with no main light, the light sources interact from different angles, and the embedded design does not pull up the storey height. At the same time, the light source lit by low power lamp is more soft and bright, which is more conducive to creating a warm and comfortable home atmosphere and improving visual comfort.

Choose to use an unlit or a main light

First of all, from the decoration style needs to choose, no main lamp is suitable for modern style, such as minimalist, industrial wind, light luxury, Nordic, mix and match, log wind. And the main lamp can choose suitable main lamp style according to their own decoration style, like Chinese, European, French, Mediterranean, these styles or choose the decorative effect of the main lamp is better.

Secondly from the individual use demand, no master lamp is suitable for the living room light source brightness requirements are not high, like the style of the hotel, the use of young people, not suitable for the elderly, because usually no master lamp degree changes little, through adjusting the number of lamps and lanterns to adjust the light of the light dark, use is not very convenient.

Finally, from the layer, no main lamp needs a ceiling, at least 5 centimeters of space, normal is 9 centimeters of thickness, and the need for an overall ceiling, so as to evenly decorate the light on the top surface, this way is one of high cost, the other is the impact of the layer. Another way is not ceiling, do bright down lamp spotlights, this way without the main lamp, the top surface of the installation of a plurality of bright down lamp spotlights, but appear messy.

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