Geomantic the biggest problem is not the door to the door, not be hall evil spirit, not be a mirror…

What is the biggest problem that decorate geomantic? It’s not door to door, it’s not a hall, it’s not a mirror, it’s the heart.

I do not advocate feng shui for interior decoration, for many reasons. I don’t study feng Shui myself, nor do I want to spend any time on it, but I read an article about feng Shui on the Internet years ago, and I agree with it. Let’s take a look at what it says.

He says his understanding of feng shui is simple. He didn’t learn feng shui either, but when he learned a little Buddhism, he seemed to know what it was and where it was.

In his opinion, “wind” is atmosphere and field energy, and “water” is flow and change. Feng Shui has five aspects, and I think this theory is suitable for both decoration and life:

Eyes. Is it beautiful, is it comfortable. If the place you see is beautiful and comfortable, the feng shui of the place is good.

The ear. Is it pleasant to hear or is it noisy? Good sound, good feng shui, noise, bad feng shui. For example, the house near the highway is noisy, and the feng shui is not so good. In fact, the biggest noise is in the house, that is the family discord — quarrel, which is very harmful to people, to the fate of the obstacles, to the growth of children. So, the home and family must communicate with each other, so there are no obstacles, is good feng shui. So the ancients said, family harmony (good feng shui) everything.

Nose. What do you smell? If the home can often burn incense, or placed fragrant flowers, a good smell when entering the house, feng shui is naturally good. If the place smells bad, it’s not good feng shui.

Geomantic the biggest problem is not the door to the door, not be hall evil spirit, not be a mirror...The body. Do you have too much stainless steel, too much glass and too many sharp objects? Stainless steel is cold, glass is cold and fragile, these things are easy to harm our body, so it is not good feng shui, home these things can not be too much. Special attention should also be paid to the plants raised in the home. It is easy to stab the body to keep broad-leaved plants.

Consciousness. Is to close your eyes and feel a place is peaceful and comfortable. This is the sense of the magnetic field and the breath of the physical accident. For example, a room, decorate neat and beautiful, can let people feel very happy, very beautiful, the feng shui of the house is very good. If it’s cluttered, depressing and irritating, it’s bad feng shui. This reminds us that we must pay attention to keep our home and work environment clean and orderly, cleanliness itself is a positive energy.

In general, feng shui is judged by five aspects: eye, ear, nose, body and mind. It’s the buddhist six roots that are left after removing the root of the tongue, and anyone can learn that.

Of all feng shui, what is the first? Is a person. What is the first feng shui? Is the heart. Therefore, the most important feng shui to change from oneself, oneself change, heart change, caused by feng shui all kinds of problems, such as bad luck and disease will naturally disappear.

He explained feng shui from another Angle, which I think is quite referential. To be honest, I agree with that. If you want to be healthy, you have to pay attention to your diet and exercise. If you want to make money, you have to work hard. If you want to progress, you have to keep learning and improving yourself.

Which direction to place a god of wealth, which position to put a guan Gong, this is a good wish, just rely on forwarding koi is meaningless, the key or have to rely on their own efforts.

In indoor decorating, practical and beautiful are geomantic, it is the life that lets oneself is more comfortable, it is ok to go judging according to life common sense actually, do not have to study geomantic theory.

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