How does ark of eat side design more practical?

If three meals a day are the epitome of a happy life, then a restaurant is the place to bear it. In decorating the family, the position of the kitchen is unbreakable. After all, the kitchen is where three meals a day are made. Only the restaurant, but was mistaken for dispensable. To the uninformed, restaurants don't seem to have much practical value beyond regular dining.

But is it really true? The answer, of course, is no. Do not look at dining-room humble, actual effect is not defeated at the space such as the sitting room at all. Perhaps we do not know that the restaurant is also an important place for family to communicate emotions.

Eat side ark, just as the name implies the receiving ark that is made specially for dining-room. Elaborate design + the eat side ark of reasonable layout, can build comfortable, elegant repast environment. Needless to say, no one wants to eat in a restaurant full of POTS and pans. Say without hyperbole, ark of eat side is designed a few more practical, also can promote the affection communication between the family world. After all, a good environment is more conducive to communication.

How does ark of eat side design more practical?How does ark of eat side design more practical? Custom design is key. Although finished product cabinet namely buy use, unit price is cheap, but practical poor. Good-looking eat side ark, how to design? Unified with space style + wall design + color design. Style unity, not to say more, is consistent with the overall style. Wall - in design, also known as embedded design. PS: The wall where the side cabinet is located is not a load-bearing wall.

Contrast color design, that is, the use of different color blocks juxtaposed to create a visual impact effect. Practical eat side ark, how to make? Above all, the bottom cabinet that does not often use, make order directly big ark case, receive big article. Next, ark of eat edge left or right side, the ark case that the proposal custom-makes a vertical strip, receive special article such as vacuum cleaner specially.

The middle of the proposal to leave empty layer, create a table design, receive water bottles, small electrical appliances and other sundry. For the top position, it is suggested to make the top design. On the one hand, further increase the reception of the meal side cabinet; On the one hand, avoid exposed top positions that become sanitary dead ends. Consider small goods receive, suggest eat side ark joins drawer layer. Have the habit of hiding alcohol? Add some wine bars. Ark of eat side depth, should accomplish 35 centimeters or so. Also, reserve enough sockets.

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