What design does multi-function room have cannot follow suit?

It is often heard that do not blindly follow the trend, or the consequences are very serious. But why not follow suit? What are the serious consequences? Other industries temporarily, we focus on the decoration. Small to furniture put and the front of the door, big to integral construction and whole house custom, it is to decorate reflect. A good decoration is not only a scientific and reasonable layout, full use of the space and the effect of the high degree of reduction, but also to avoid or reduce the decoration regret, improve the happiness of the new home.

No matter be in the home which space, detail is key. Once the details are not worked out, problems follow.

In the time of inch land value thousand pieces of gold, the small family with moderate price is not expected to be popular. However, even a price advantage cannot mask the limitations of size. Consequently, multi-function room begins "rise". As the name implies, one room has multiple functions. Since study, also be guest room, more recreational room, still store content to wait. Actually, mutifunction room is decorated, also cannot random follow the wind, for example tatami. Store rice of tatami of content function powerful, it is a lot of small family decorate first selection.

What design does multi-function room have cannot follow suit?Tatami is not a panacea, however. High cost of building, inconvenient to take items and more sanitary dead Angle and easy to be damp and mildew defects, so that more and more people back away. Perhaps many people don't know that tatami MATS are unsuitable for beds. Lie in tatami rice on luo get panic, return airtight, mattess waits easily damp.

Complex condole supports and droplight, also be muti_function room cannot the design that follow wind at random. It is no exaggeration to say that the installation of complex ceiling and chandelier can greatly enhance the texture of the multi-functional room. However, not all mixed-use rooms are suitable for complex ceilings and chandeliers. The height is insufficient, do not have the defect such as window, willful installation complex condole top + droplight, can only pull low space height, let mutifunction room become depressive rise.

Staying in there for a long time can affect your physical and mental health. Multi-functional room which design can not follow the trend? Solid wood plank, also be one of. Furniture of real wood floor, real wood, more and more welcome. Just, besides good-looking, have simple sense besides, solid wood qualitative ability does not have what advantage. After all, formaldehyde-free materials don't exist. Therefore, solid wood furniture can not achieve zero formaldehyde. Also, solid wood is expensive.

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