How can damp in the home be solved?

Since May, fujian has entered the "plum rainy season" earlier. It seems that since the may rain pattern started, there has not been a few days without rain until today in June. It is just like this, there is "born between fine for what, only people miss every day" sigh. Usually at this time of year, the sun is already burning in Xiamen, so it's all about courage to go out. Rainy weather conditions are also causing problems.

Among them, indoor damp, clothes drying and mildew cabinet and other problems, more and more looking forward to the end of the storm we. Caught off guard, that's how we are right now.

We used to think about how to protect ourselves from the sun in June. At the moment, however, we need to do the opposite and study how to solve the damp. Clothes drying, cabinet mildew, just the surface problems caused by moisture. Stay in damp space for a long time, there will be health problems, such as rheumatism. Therefore, the use of a variety of methods to solve the problem of moisture, has become an urgent event.

How can damp in the home be solved?How can damp in the home be solved? Window ventilation is the foundation. In daily life, open a window to ventilate already can discharge toxic gas, also can solve indoor damp problem, no problem "master key". If you want to solve the problem of indoor humidity, you must first open doors and Windows to speed up the indoor air circulation, so as to take away the indoor humidity a little bit. Open a window ventilated, be basic only, have other method even.

Air conditioning dehumidification mode is also an auxiliary means to solve indoor humidity. There is no doubt that when you turn on the dehumidification mode, the effect is immediate. However, the dehumidification mode should not be on for long periods of time. After all, leaving the dehumidification mode on for too long can damage the skin. Wet discharge for a long time, power consumption is also relatively large. Generally speaking, open 1 hour or 2 hours dehumidification mode, you can solve the damp problem in your home.

In addition to window ventilation and air conditioning dehumidification mode, in the home to place some desiccant, also can alleviate indoor humidity to a certain extent. It is worth mentioning that families with children must put the desiccant in the area they can not get, so as not to leave security risks. About the damp problem in the home, we still can begin to prevent from when decorating, for example each space, do waterproof, moistureproof to wait.

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