How to make the kitchen cleaner

It's time to call it a day and ring in the New Year. Are you ready for the Lunar New Year? Get the year off to a great start with a clean kitchen and a clean home. So how exactly should the kitchen be cleaned? The following xiaobian will start from four aspects.

Difficult problem 1: wall brick, door plank is swabbed hard?

This requires us to choose building materials suitable for the kitchen. So what are the building materials for the kitchen? Of course it is oil resistant, easy to clean and moisture-proof. The wall brick of the kitchen, floor tile should choose wear-resisting brick, such as inferior smooth brick and archaize brick these, although the effect is good clean very hard however.

In terms of cabinets, it is recommended to choose stainless steel or artificial stone for the table. Marble table is easy to accumulate grease and bacteria, so it is not recommended to choose. Ambry face plate sets out from clean Angle the word of choose and buy, can choose fireproof board, wear-resisting high temperature is convenient to clean, colour choice is much, suit public family to use very.

Besides, might as well consider the wall brick before stove appoints a layer to prevent smeary paper, smeary is heavy tear down to change a piece again, operation is simple, clear rise easy and convenient.

Difficult problem 2: does condole top drop oil, lamps and lanterns fumigate?

Lamps and lanterns of condole top drop oil, smallpox is blackened by lampblack it is the kitchen common thorny cleanness problem, and have hinder view very. When buying lamps and lanterns, it is recommended to choose not to oxidize rust or have a better surface protective layer material, like the outer cover of glass is better cleaning.

Smoked black lamps and lanterns, the best method is to use vinegar, will be about the edible vinegar of a beer bottle cap into small half basin of water, with the hand after leveling, the soft dishcloth bubble in vinegar water, after unscrewing, wipe bulb, can let lamplight bright not only, still have the left and right sides that prevent touching dust.

How to make the kitchen cleaner

As to the problem that condole top drops oil, the recommendation when choosing condole top clapboard draws silk or nano board, its can have very good fight dirty oily commonly, it is ok to wait for absorption oil and water with bag of a few quick lime or coffee ground, soda powder when cleaning, had better use hot water regularly + soft cloth + detergent to maintain clean smallpox at ordinary times.

Problem 3: Odor gradually appears in the kitchen?

The construction of good flue should be handled when decorating above all. In general, the lampblack in the home will first go to the auxiliary flue, and then enter the main flue through the hole on the partition board, so as to ensure that the lampblack of each household is isolated. If the auxiliary flue is directly connected to the main flue, it will lead to the phenomenon of smoke backsmoking or smoking because the pressure is too low.

Next, the truth that the kitchen wants ventilated everybody knows, but how ventilated scientifically just is the most important. In the kitchen, exhaust vents need to be arranged according to the location of the stove. When installing the exhaust system, attention must be paid to avoiding the firewall. If it is necessary to pass through the wall, fire valves need to be installed.

It's also disgusting that the sink that you use every day is starting to smell. At this point, you can pour leftover coffee grounds into the sink, turn on the tap and flush it down the drain pipe to remove the stench in the drain pipe and the oil layer on the pipe wall.

Problem 4: kitchen cleaning tools not to force?

If you want to achieve better oil removal effect, the use of cleaning tools is very important. A lot of people always feel that the rag does not give force, so it does not wipe the oil. In fact, you use it incorrectly.

Cloth cleaning tools, pure cotton cloth has a strong water absorption, can be used in microwave ovens, electric ovens, such as home appliances, can also be used in the gas stove; Non-woven cloth, more suitable for use to wipe clean pour on the table, ambry mesa sauce, soy sauce, and because its own quality of a material is soft, can have very good protection effect to tableware.

Block cleaning tools, suitable for plastic products, resin products, glass products, ceramic products, wood products, iron, can not be used in the kitchen lacquer (such as lacquered chopsticks, cabinet carts, etc.).

Brush tools are basically "special brush special". Ordinary brush can brush sink; Wire brush can brush the hood net of range hood, but can not be used to brush relief cabinet panel, etc.; Clean the gas stove will use a special gas stove cleaning brush, with copper wire brush and open and closed scraper, can effectively remove the gas stove stubborn oil, rust, dredge blocked gas hole.

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