How many square wires does 3500 watts take

Although electric wire is small, but responsibility is great, it is the indispensable foundation building materials in domestic outfit. So how many square wires does 3500 watts take? How to choose household electric wire? Take a look!

How many square wires do 3500 watts need:

Usually choose 2.5 square wire line, because 3500 watts, under the condition of 220 v voltage, rated current is 16, and 2.5 square wire can withstand current of 19 Ann, equivalent to 4850 watts, so choose 2.5 flat wire, laying allowance have change, but if the wire wear or advised to choose a more secure some four square of wire.

Home wiring how to choose:

1, look at the packaging

When choosing electric wire above all, want to see its packing. Good wire packaging complete, and identify the detailed content of the product, such as specifications, scale, rated voltage, production date and production factory name and so on, in addition to have 3C certification mark and certificate, on the contrary, if the packaging is rough, the content is not complete, do not recommend to buy.

How many square wires does 3500 watts take

2, the conductor

When choosing electric wire next, want to see its conductor. That is, peel off the insulation of the wire and look at the inner core. It can be judged from two aspects. Good wire copper core is made of red copper "or" red copper, red purple color. On the contrary, if the core color is light and yellow, it may be made of inferior copper. Can also be judged from the thickness of the wire core, the line is the same as the ground, the thicker the copper core, the better the conductivity.

3. Insulation layer

Finally, when choosing a wire, look at its insulation layer. Its function is to prevent wire core damage, and can play an insulating role. It can be distinguished from three aspects. First touch wire insulation layer, good insulation layer is smooth, and good elasticity, high thickness. On the contrary, if the surface of the insulating layer is rough, it shows that the process is poor and easy to leak electricity. Bendable wire, check for creases. Good insulation, no obvious indentation after bending. On the contrary, the wire is poor in toughness, easy aging, easy electricity leakage. Usable lighter burning wire, good insulation layer can be extinguished in 5 seconds, good flame retardant, on the contrary, the wire is poor flame retardant, easy to cause fire.

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