The beauty on the balcony enjoys natural carefree

Balconies can be beautiful, balconies can be fun, depending on how you design it. Today we look at these balcony design final effect is very good, some balcony is a recreational space, some balcony just like a small garden, look together.

This space has been designed as a warm and relaxing place. It is also a great place to chat and eat snacks with your family on a warm afternoon. But the design of the open air is very easy to make the booth and small round table contaminated with dust, owners can be diligent care.

The beauty on the balcony enjoys natural carefree

Folding tables on balconies are also a good option. If you're not thinking of creating a studio or outdoor dining room on your balcony, you can still use some extra deck space for a book or a cup of coffee.

A space-saving table. Buy a not quite big table, do not let your balcony appear crowded all the more, had better be the folding table that can be fixed on balustrade. It also saves a lot of space when you're not using it.

You can buy flowerpots like the one in the picture, in addition to the vertical wall railings.

A variety of colored and patterned bags produce bright flowers, creating the same effect as potted plants. Brightly colored color also lets the appearance level of the balcony increase many.

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