How should emulsioni paint choose

Latex paint is a kind of interior wall decoration material favored by consumers, it has a very strong decorative effect, not only that, but also a very easy to clean, take care of a kind. A lot of people have an error, think emulsioni paint is a kind of waterproof decorate material, is such after all? So today for everyone to answer this question, brought about toilet waterproof emulsioni paint is really waterproof, by the way take everyone to see the way of emulsioni paint of choose and buy.

A, toilet waterproof latex paint - latex paint waterproof

In fact there is no real have effect of waterproof emulsioni paint, waterproof coating, only a lot of businesses with a waterproof emulsioni paint, in fact, as a selling point, or the dealer's misleading, it has a resistance to water, but also did not have the effect of waterproof, waterproof and water resistant is the concept of discriminating, normally emulsioni paint waterproof function is water resistance is strong, It's ok to rub gently with a damp cloth, but don't scrub or soak for long.

Two, how to choose latex paint

1, since can have the effect of waterproof, can see the wash brush performance, containing the emulsioni paint of waterproof formula after dried up, can form a dense layer of waterproof paint, as long as with water or a mild detergent, can will stain to scrub clean, but also will not erase coated film itself, the emulsioni paint of sale on the market as long as it is to choose the normal manufacturer production, Accord with the waterproof emulsioni paint that closes GB regulation to have this one function can.

How should emulsioni paint choose

2, buy latex paint to choose certified brands, this is very important, in the future to make no guarantee, of course, not to say that we must buy ten brands, but we must choose professional latex paint.

3, look at the environmental detection of emulsioni paint, quality goods emulsioni paint will be attached on the front of some famous names, trademarks, composition and the content of net, the shelf life of every brand is different, so we should as far as possible buy products produced recently, now the emulsioni paint of generic brands have environmental test report or test list. Consumer sees clear detection sheet can have a detailed understanding of the environmental protection performance to emulsioni paint. The test report has standard results for VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metal content. National standard VOC per liter can not exceed 200 grams; Free formaldehyde should not exceed 0.1g per kg.

The relevant information about toilet waterproof latex paint is introduced to the end of all here, read the finishing of the above believe that we also understand latex paint is not a kind of waterproof material after all, although it has certain water resistance, but cannot have real waterproof effect.

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