Why can't socket line and lighting line go the same way?

Water and electricity decoration is an important part of home decoration, related to the safety of electricity, in the decoration must pay attention to wiring specifications. Before long when owner says the home decorates bridal chamber, oneself after receiving electric wire appeared unexpectedly spark, frighten hurriedly call electrician master to look, the result discovers is line inserted so wrong, how is to return a responsibility after all?

It is lamp line and socket line were connected incorrectly together, can cause very big safety hidden trouble. Normally, the lighting line and socket line in the home are handled separately.

The advantage that lamp line and socket line are not together is not interfere with each other, a failure, will not affect the use of another. Troubleshooting can also easily find the location of the problem, more scientific and reasonable.

Why can't socket line and lighting line go the same way?

In addition, sockets and lamps should not share the same air switch. This is because electrical outlets in homes are used more frequently and carry more current, requiring leakage and overload protection. But the current through the lamp is relatively small, it is not necessary to install leakage protection, only short circuit protection can be.

If the two circuits are connected together by mistake, the lighting circuit cannot be used as long as the socket trips. And socket and lighting share the zero line, in the case of the same current in and out of them will increase the current flowing through the zero line, this is very unsafe.

So the lighting line and socket line must not be connected together, if they do not understand the line, please professional electrician wiring to the home, their frighten, if there is a problem on the loss of big, security problems can be careful!

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