Sex doll User experience Report

Everyone's standard of things is different, and a person at different times treats things with different opinions. Here's my humble opinion.When I first got the sex doll, one of the feelings was that it would be extremely tiring to use. ​Simply began to use the hands and feet to pose, have to get a long time, you say suffer not suffer.

Especially since I haven't tried it at first and I don't have time to study it. But! After playing around with the sexs doll for a long time and working out how to do it, it was like a cannonball, blasting through the doors of the original world.

Most friends likely have a separate space, if you do, congratulations! The bathroom is your first place to study! In a totally separate space, it is easy to wash and play bathroom games. Don't ask me what bathroom games are, figure them out! If your family is wealthy enough to make sure you can leave the room open so no one can see you while you wash the sex doll 140 cm, then you have extra room to play.

If the room is large enough, don't try to put it under your bed after you use it. When I thought the doll was not in use, I would lay it flat on the sofa and sit to shape it. Later, when it is convenient, you can dress it up, and you don't have to hide it back and forth.

I've already bought it. Wouldn't it be good to spend some time dressing it up? What hair ah, eyes ah, clothes what, to give it the whole seven or eight sets, seven days a week, every day is not the same, since if skillful, give it makeup what, is not ok. Learn makeup. Even if you find a girlfriend in the future, you are more professional than her.

First of all, the wig is extremely easy to knot, and when you buy it, you can also go to the business to do a hair transplant (mainly to save trouble, the wig also has to buy something fixed to take care of).

Here comes the point! Buy light colored clothes! Buy light colored clothes! Buy light colored clothes! This stuff itself is easy to dye (TPE material), it is quite a hassle to wash up, light colored clothing style is really quite a lot. See if you can find it yourself.

In a word, it takes patience to pick the lock. Sex dolls don't move. It all depends on how great you are at physics. Check it out yourself to see if you can learn it or not.

I won't say anything else. I'll just do it myself.

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